Myths about viscoelastic mattresses

Can a viscoelastic bed be turned over?

No, since the viscoelastic, being for a prolonged period, under the pressure of the mattress itself, would lose the properties of recovery and resilience at the moment of support. This would make the viscoelastic in a material that has practically lost the benefits.

What is the ideal viscoelastic thickness?

There is no ideal thickness: it is a combination of quality and thickness. A good viscoelastic can recover perfectly without forcing bad postures to the user, facilitating maximum comfort and having only 3 cms. A viscoelastic of several centimeters, against, if it is not of very good quality, will sink the user and, surely, do not keep it in a position of absolute rest, forcing the body to rest and, even, causing contractures and being bad.

How to detect quality visco?

  • Normally, the hand test is the most used. But you must know how to interpret. It is about the technique that, once the hand is supported, we see how the viscoelastic recovers. To detect:
  • When we sink our hands do not exert too much resistance
  • We remove the hand and the shape of it remains for a short period
  • The viscoelastic, after that, recovers gently and returns to its original position
  • Blows: Yes, you heard correctly. If you blow and the viscoelastic allows the air to pass, it means that it is a material with adequate breathability. A visco that does not breathe produces more heat.

Against more viscoelastic, better?

  • No. What’s more, it’s usually more counterproductive. Much viscoelastic can cause the body support does not recover properly and, therefore, forced postures that involve injuries.

Are viscoelastic mattresses the longest?

  • Again, it is not quite right. There are models of pocket springs based on titanium and copper coating with durability much higher than some viscoelastic. It is a question of the qualities of materials. The viscoelastic, in and of itself, maintain the properties for a long time. On the other hand, the foam can lose its firmness over the years and can be malformed if it is not of adequate quality or none at all.

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